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About Us

Chicho Casillas, the owner of the Chubby’s Food Truck, is a self proclaimed food lover. And after being involved in a job that required him to travel a lot, he had seen (and tried) it all. Everything changed the first time Chicho had the opportunity to eat at a food truck. A traveling kitchen that can offer food of a quality equal to that of a brick & mortar restaurant? He was hooked. Having owned a sports bar in the past, he knew what it takes to be successful in the food service industry and all of the tribulations that come along with it. And more importantly he knew how to make mouth watering “SoCal comfort food” that would leave each and every customer satisfied and stuffed. His mind was set, and in July of 2011, Chubby’s Food Truck was born.

The idea behind Chubby’s is a simple one, but often gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the food service industry; to give customers exactly what they expect. A business that cares about its customers should strive to offer an identical experience each and every time. This is one of the main focuses at Chubby’s. Did you absolutely love that famous chorizo burger you tried? Come on back, it will be exactly the same, and just as good as last time!

Chicho himself keeps a meticulous eye on the quality of ingredients being used. In fact, the truck only holds an amount of food that he can be assured will stay fresh. Overstocking on food means that later in the day it’s very likely the ingredients won’t be in an ideal condition. To prevent this the Chubby’s Food Truck will only hold a select amount of food at once, even if it means a stop at the grocery store in between destinations.

Here at Chubby’s, we pride ourselves on the attention to detail demonstrated with each meal and the smiles we get to see on every customer’s face as a result. Not only will every piece of SoCal comfort food ordered from the truck look good, it will taste even better. Be a Chubby chaser; come visit us and see how better ingredients and better attention to detail leads to a better burger than even a restaurant can offer!