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San Diego Food Trucks Will Now be Subject to Inspection

Assigning restaurants letter grades based on how well they uphold health inspection and food regulation standards is far from a new idea. As consumers we have gotten used to seeing that letter (hopefully an A) in the window every time we walk into a restaurant. These regulations and the processes that accompany them keep us, as consumers, safe in our dining habits. There is a disconnect in the industry, however; food trucks have been increasing in popularity for years now, and there has been no health inspection regulations implemented to keep them safe. This will no longer be an issue under the ordinance that was recently passed by the San Diego County Board of Supervisors; which requires all food trucks to be regularly inspected, and display a letter grade in the window much like the ones seen in restaurants.

For food trucks such as Chubby’s, which have been adhering to the food safety regulations set forth from the beginning, this is great news. It can be easy to write off food trucks as unsanitary or unsafe, but with this new ordinance figuring out just how clean the truck is will be as simple as looking in the window. The decals presented after passing the inspection will even feature a small QR code, which you can scan with your smart phone in order to view the complete inspection history of that food truck! While the process will only be pass/fail at the beginning, the director of the Board of Supervisors, Ron Roberts, says that eventually they may move to the A/B/C system that is used in restaurants. Either way, the information presented on the decals to be displayed will be more than enough to let consumers know there is nothing to worry about.

So what does Chubby’s think of the big change? We love it! As our owner and chef, Chicho Casillas, said in his interview with Channel 10 News:

"I think it's a good idea. We always abide by the health codes, everything still [has to] be up to code. The difference is now we're just going to have a letter on there, which is great. It kind of gives you a little uniformity with the restaurants."

For more information on the upcoming changes feel free to look over the following articles & videos, and let us know what you think!

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